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Metadoro Review – Facts About Trading Scam
AUG 6, 2022  Forex Scam, Online Trading Scam, Scam Warning, Unregulated Scam Broker
Metadoro Review
Metadoro broker is a relatively old market player. However, the owner has been active since 2016, meaning there were probably other illicit brands as well.

Read our Metadoro review and you will find out the truth. We warn you that you might not like it.

Also, we want to invite you to read our updated GMT Trading, FTSFX and Crypto1Capital scam broker reviews. For those unaware, their investment offers are too good to be true!

Broker Status: Unregulated Scam Broker
Broker Regulation: Unlicensed Forex Provider / No Regulation
Scammers Websites:
Operating Status: Active Forex Trading Scam
Blacklisted as a Scam by: NSSMC
Broker Owner: RHC Investments
Headquarters Country: Mauritius
Foundation Year: 2019
Trading Platforms: MT4 / MT5
Mobile Trading: Available
Minimum Deposit: $20
Deposit Bonus: Available
Crypto Trading: Available
CFD Trading: Yes, you can trade CFDs
Trading Instruments: Forex / Commodities / Indices / Shares / Cryptocurrencies (Crypto)
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Islamic Account: Not Available
Demo Account: Yes
Accepts US Clients: US traders are accepted
Global Fraud Protection Team: Don’t Invest in This Scam Broker!

Is Metadoro a Scam Broker?
Metadoro Forex brand is owned by RHC Investments, registered in 2016 in Mauritius. However, the Financial Services Commission belongs to a Tier 3 regulatory zone and doesn’t keep such good records. For instance, there are no domains that RHC Investments uses. This means that might or might not be owned by this trading firm.

Even with Metadoro’s regulation by the FSC, there are many issues. This regulatory body doesn’t obligate Forex and CFD trading firms to have compensation funds.

Basically, your broker can vanish, and the regulator won’t be able to reimburse you. Note that a Tier 3 license is worth nothing without Tier 1 regulation by the FCA, ASIC, BaFin, or similar firm authority bodies.

Watch Metadoro Video Review Before Investing
Metadoro is an offshore brokerage, based in Mauritius. The firm has only offshore license.

The broker was blacklisted by the Ukrainian regulator.

Scam Warnings Against Broker
As official confirmation of the Metadoro trading scam, we got a warning from Ukraine.

Metadoro Scam Warning
The National Securities and Stock Market Commission announced that the broker is questionable, and many complaints have been filed against it.

Now you know that we were right all along. Metadoro is not an honest trading service provider.

Where Is Metadoro Trading Scam Active?
The broker Metadoro has been active since September 2019 and mainly operates in:

In addition, we recommend excluding FinsRoyal, Capital Forex Live and WalFlo from your list of potential brokers for trading.

How Does This Scam Broker Find Victims?
Fraudulent firms have sophisticated MO. They’re advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, waiting for people to hook up and provide personal details. Once you do, you will be a victim of constant phone calls and repeated emails, each containing new promotions.

In the end, if you make a deposit, your account manager may add you to a private Telegram group where you will receive trading signals only for the chosen ones.

Don’t fall for it. There are no special signals.

Metadoro ECN MetaTrader 5 Platform
Metadoro Trading Platform Interface
Metadoro’s trading platform choice is the only light thing in this entire review. The firm offers MT5 and MT4, the best of the best this industry has. MetaTrader5 is a successor to MT4 and has more indicators and charts. Any professional trader would definitely be satisfied with this software.

If you decide to trade on MT5, you will get ECN trading. ECN brokers use electronic communications networks to enable customers to participate in the financial market.

Basically, the broker is just a connection between a customer and a liquidity provider and takes a commission.

NDD MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
Another terrific platform this firm provides is MT4. It’s an older version of MetaTrader but still preferred by 80% of market players. If you choose MT4, you will participate in NDD trading. NDD or no dealing desk means that traders are in the market directly against the brokerage, and there’s no middle man.

Unlike ECN trading, the broker acts as a liquidity provider and takes profit in case of clients’ losses.

Can I Download the MT4 Mobile Trading App?
Metadoro login is enabled through MT4 and MT5 mobile apps. Both of these platforms have Android and iOS apps, making the trading process easier.

What Products Does Metadoro Offer?
Metadoro offers trading in all major markets, including:

Forex (Currency Pairs) such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD or CAD/JPY
Indices – Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE 100
Shares – Amazon, Apple, Google
Commodities – Gold, Oil and Silver
Cryptocurrencies (Cryptos) such as BTC, ETH and XRP
Fees and Spreads
The company advertises tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips, which is really good. On the other hand, commission starts from 0.004%, which is another great thing.

Or it would be if the firm was not unregulated. Illicit brokers often offer lower trading costs just to get ahold of your funds and disappear with them.

Can I Trade With a Metadoro Demo Account?
Upon registration, you will be offered a Metadoro Demo account. Customers have $100 to trade with for the first 7 days.

However, this is another lure. You will feel more comfortable investing your funds if you see profits on the screen. And when you need to withdraw your real funds, this is where the struggle will begin.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Metadoro?
Allegedly, Metadoro withdrawal is available using:

Debit / Credit Cards
Wire Transfer
However, the company has few clauses. Firstly, the company reserves the right to charge deposit fees and 3% of the withdrawal amount if you request a withdrawal without trading since your last deposit.

In addition, if you accept bonuses, you cannot withdraw your funds before reaching a minimum trading volume.

Is Metadoro Deposit Bonus Available?
Metadoro bonus is available as a trading benefit. Customers get $100 on the registration that can be used to test the system.

However, you cannot withdraw profits even if you deposited your funds before reaching an unspecified minimum trading volume.

What About the Welcome Bonus?
Even if you don’t make a Metadoro minimum deposit of $20, you’re entitled to a $100 welcome bonus.

I Lost Money With a Metadoro Scam, What to Do?
If you or someone close to you falls for a Metadoro scam, let us know. Global Fraud Protection has the means and tools to help you file a dispute for a chargeback and get your money back.

It’s essential to act quickly. Contact us via online chat to book a free consultation, and let’s get your money back before it’s too late.

All In All, Don’t Let the Scammers Get Away for Free!
Get Your Money Back
FAQ Section:
What Is Metadoro, and Should I Invest Money In It?
Metadoro is an online Forex and CFD trading provider based offshore. If you have been scammed by this illicit broker, contact us for help with a refund.

Does Metadoro Offer a Demo Account?
Broker Metadoro offers a Demo account with a $100 for the first seven days.

What Is the Metadoro Minimum Deposit?
Metadoro has a relatively low minimum deposit of $20. It doesn’t mean you should risk your money.

Can I Trade Cryptos and CFDs With a Metadoro Broker?
Yes, you can trade crypto and CFDs with Metadoro, but we don’t recommend it.

Is Metadoro a MetaTrader 4 Forex Broker?
Yes, Metadoro offers both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 to its customers.

Fill out the form below and get a FREE consultation today. (If you lost more than $5,000, please use the chat).

Name of Scammer

Amount Lost

Year of First Payment

Payment Method
Please tell us what happened
I agree to subscribe to your emailing



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Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) - отзывы сотрудников и клиентов
Нет фото для компании «Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ)»

Рейтинг: 4.0 из 5

Категория: Разное
Украина, Одесса, пер. Вице-Адмирала Жукова, д. 14
Просмотров: 883
* все данные о компании взяты с открытых источников, не защищены авторским правом и могут быть неточными

Вы представитель компании?
Что такое Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ)?
Почему стоит отметка спам?
Компания предпринимает попытки массового добавления положительных мнений о себе и сработал спам-фильтр. Что это значит:

С одного компьютера добавляется сразу несколько отзывов от якобы разных сотрудников или клиентов;
За короткий промежуток времени (несколько минут) было добавлено несколько отзывов с разных ip-адресов положительного или нейтрального характера;
Был добавлен отзыв с айпишника, который находится в черном списке (в данном списке айпи-адреса, которые используют репутационные агентства для постинга отзывов ботами);
Убедительная просьба к представителям Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ), не использовать методы спама для накрутки своей репутации. Лучше обратите внимание на методы работы с клиентами и отношение к сотрудникам, если хотите получать реальные положительные отзывы.

Если спам не прекратится, то мы оставляем за собой право внести Вашу фирму в черный список компаний и работодателей.

Часто задаваемые вопросы о работе в компании Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ)
Рекомендуют ли сотрудники и клиенты компанию Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ)?
Мнение сотрудников и клиентов компании: Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) 0 рекомендуют компанию, 2 не рекомендуют компанию для трудоустройства и сотрудничества

Какая репутация компании Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ)?
2 пользователей Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) оценили компанию на 4.0 из 5

Как сотрудники Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) оценивают начальство компании?
2 сотрудников компании Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) оценили работу начальства на 4.0 из 5

Как сотрудники Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) оценивают карьерный рост в компании?
2 сотрудников компании Центр биржевых технологий (ЦБТ) оценили карьерный рост в компании на 4.0 из 5

«ООО Демикс»
отзывы сотрудников «Группа компаний INNOVA Consulting Group»
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11.04.2019 l Категория: Полезная информация для работодателей и сотрудников (4718)



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